Club News 8th August 2022

August 08, 2022

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Lotto Results 


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Draw on Saturday 9th July 2022, numbers drawn 10, 12, 13, 15. 


No winner, one match 3, Declan Clinton and he wins €150.  


Draw on Saturday 16th July 2022, numbers drawn 2, 23, 29, 33. 


No winner, no match 3, three tickets drawn, Brian Munnelly, John & Mairead O’Malley, Mary Moyles and Trish Walsh, and each win €50.  


Draw on Saturday 23rd July 2022, numbers drawn 22, 24, 31, 35. 


No winner, no match 3, three tickets drawn, Sarah Corcoran, John & Lorna Mulkearns, Darren, Keith & Stephen Jordan, and each win €50.  


Draw on Saturday 30th July 2022, numbers drawn 3, 17, 25, 27. 


No winner, one match 3, Mary Kelly, and she wins €150.  


Next week’s jackpot €6,300 many thanks for all your support. 



Mayo GAA SFL Division 4 Cup

Sat, 06 Aug, 

Venue: Crossmolina , (Round: Quarter Final 2), Crossmolina Deel Rovers V Breaffy 19:00,  Ref: TBC 

U19 Division 1 Group A

Tue, 02 Aug, 

Venue: Crossmolina , (Round: Round 3), Crossmolina Deel Rovers V Bohola Moy Davitts 19:45,  Ref: Vincent Neary 

New JFC A Finals 2022

Sun, 07 Aug, 

Venue: Crossmolina GAA Club, (Round: Final), Ballina Stephenites V Knockmore 14:00,  Ref: TBC 




Mayo GAA SFL Division 2A

Sun, 31 Jul, 

(Round: Round 7), Neale 0-11 Crossmolina Deel Rovers 1-14

@DeelRoversGAA team selection: 

 GK: JP Mulhern

 RFB: Ferghal Duffy,  FB: Niall Maughan,  LFB: Fearghail Gill, 

 RHB: Patrick McAndrew,  CB: Brian Hourihane,  LHB: Barry Murphy

 MF: Kevin Mulhern,  MF: Darragh Syron

 RHF: Jordan Flynn (1-02),  CF: Conor Caden (0-02),  LHF: Colm Hegarty (0-01) 

 RFF: Mikie Loftus (0-01),  FF: Nigel Caden (0-05),  LFF: Tommie Loftus (0-03) 


13:06mins 2nd half substitution @DeelRoversGAA--> off: Barry Murphy  on: Conor Rowland

18:01mins 2nd half substitution @DeelRoversGAA--> off: Tommie Loftus   on: Killian Fergus

23:50mins 2nd half substitution @DeelRoversGAA--> off: Colm Hegarty   on: Eoin OBoyle


Mayo GAA SFL Division 4B

Sat, 30 Jul, 

(Round: Round 7), Crossmolina Deel Rovers W/O Charlestown Sarsfields  - 


Homeland U17 Division 3 League 2022

Sun, 31 Jul, 

(Round: Semi Final 2), Davitts 3-15 Crossmolina Deel Rovers 3-9


Homeland U15 Division 1 League 2022

Tue, 26 Jul, 

(Round: U15 Div 1 Semi Final 2), Crossmolina Deel Rovers 5-11 Castlebar Mitchels Football 4-8

Crossmolina recovered from Two first half goals from Joe Farry and Conor Kananagh in the 16th and 26th minutes with points from Joey Keane  Luke Williams Liam Clancy Luke Maloney and two from Kobe McDoanld  in between Joe  Farry tacked on three points and  Patrick Garvey one to leave the half time score 2 – 4 to 0 – 6 after the hosts missed some great scoring chances. Three goals in the opening ten minutes after the break from Dylan Flynn Oisin Deane and Josh Moyles in between Joe Farry pulled a goal back Oisin Dean waltzed through a couple defenders and Kobe McDonald his trade mark goal from a distance and Joe Farry bagged his third goal and ended up with 3 – 6 to his name. Joey Keane Luke Williams Ethan Reilly Kobe McDonald all raised white flags to secure the Deel-Siders a place in the final of this U15 League.  

Crossmolina Team and scorers Gorgie Gordetskyy Gary Naughton Sean Heffernan Sean Og McGuinness Luke Maloney 0 – 1 Josh Moyles 1 - 0 Dylan McHale Oisin Deane 2 – 0 Dylan Flynn 1 – 0 Joseph Loftus Ethan Reilly 0 – 1 Liam Clancy 0 – 1  Joey Keane 0 – 2 Kobe McDonald 1 – 3 Luke Williams 0 – 3   Subs  Joe Heffernan for Gary Naughton



Mayo GAA SFL Division 2A

Sat, 23 Jul, 

(Round: Round 6), Crossmolina Deel Rovers 0-7 Parke/Keelogues/Crimlin 1-13

@DeelRoversGAA team selection: 

 GK: JP Mulhern, 

 RFB: Patrick McAndrew,  FB: Steven Duffy,  LFB: Eoin OBoyle

 RHB: Derek Hegarty,  CB: Kevin Mulhern,  LHB: Darren Caden,

 MF: Conor Loftus (0-03),  MF: Darragh Syron

 RHF: Mikie Loftus (0-01)  ,  CF: Dean Loftus,  LHF: Conor Rowland,

 RFF: Eoin Murphy (0-01)  ,  FF: Cathal Carolan (0-01)  ,  LFF: Diarmaid Walsh,

@DeelRoversGAA team subs: 

10:16mins 2nd half substitution @DeelRoversGAA--> off: Conor Rowland  on: Niall Maughan

10:29mins 2nd half substitution @DeelRoversGAA--> off: Eoin Murphy  on: Conor Caden

19:18mins 2nd half substitution @DeelRoversGAA--> off: Diarmaid Walsh  on: Fearghail Gill

24:34mins 2nd half substitution @DeelRoversGAA--> off: Dean Loftus (0-01)  on: Killian Fergus

29:33mins 2nd half substitution @DeelRoversGAA--> off: Steven Duffy  on: Ferghal Duffy


Mayo GAA SFL Division 4B

Sun, 24 Jul, 

(Round: Round 6), Kilfian 4-11 Crossmolina Deel Rovers 3-13

Crossmolina clawed their way back after a poor start conceding three goal with Niall McDonald the tormenter in chief. Danny McDonald Killian Fergus Gerard Haran David Howley and Adam Langan replied with points and before half time Gerard Haran scored a goal to leave the score at the break   3 – 5 to 1 – 5 advantage to the hosts.  The introduction of Luke Rowland who scored five points and goals from Gerard Haran Adam Langan had Crossmolina a point up entering the final minutes until Michael Lynott got the all-important goal for Kilfine to steal it at the death after entertaining game despite the heavy shower in the first half   

Crossmolina team and scorers were J.P. Mulhern 0 – 1 Fergal Gill Barry Murphy Eoin Noone Adam Langan 1 – 1  David Howley 0 – 1 Declan Gilroy Killian Fergus 0 – 1 Danny McDonald 0 – 1  Michael Gallagher Gerard Haran 2 – 3 James Gill Fergal Duffy Subs Luke Rowland 0 – 5 for Fergal Duffy Niall Maughan for Eoin Noone 


U19 Division 1 Group A

Tue, 19 Jul, 

(Round: Round 2), Knockmore 3-15 Crossmolina Deel Rovers 3-11

In a closely Contested U19 Championship at Josephs Park Knockmore the hosts emerged four points winner after a great contest. The sider were level at the break 2 – 7 to 1 – 10  James Maheady scored a cracking goal and was later taken down in the square which Dara Syron rifled the penalty  to the net Knockmore’s goal came from the boot of Kyle Neary who added a second goal five minutes into the second half Dylan Coleman raised a green flag later in the half  in between Diarmaid Walsh with three points and one from Diarmuid Coggins kept the score board ticking over with Eoin Murphy bagging a goal for the visitors late on who struggled to gain the upper hand after a bright opening.  Crossmolina 

@DeelroversGAA . team selection: 

 GK: Conor Reynolds, 

 RFB: Declan Tolan,  FB: Mikie Maloney,  LFB: Eoin OBoyle

 RHB: Micheal Gill,  CB: Liam Connor,  LHB: Jack Loftus 

 MF: Luke Rowland (0-01),  MF: Darragh Syron (1-00)

 RHF: Diarmuid Coggins (0-02),  CF: Danny McDonald ,  LHF: Niall Coggins

 RFF: Diarmuid Walsh (0-07),  FF: Eoin Murphy (1-01),  LFF: James Maheady (1-00)


05:55mins 2nd half substitution @DeelroversGAA .--> off: Mikie Maloney  on: conor howley

27:03mins 2nd half substitution @DeelroversGAA .--> off: Declan Tolan  on: Conal Carolan


Homeland U17 Division 3 League 2022

Davitts Irishtown 5 - 11 Crossmolina 2 – 11

Davitts were in control throughout in this county U17 league tie in Tiernans Park on Sunday week Thanks to goals from Dylan Gallagher Fionn McLoughlin and Ronan Kelly they lead at the break by 3 – 8 to 2 – 6 Crossmolina were kept in the game with goals from James Maheady and Adam Mills and four points from Jack Naughton. In the second half Crossmolina kept the score board ticking over with points from James Maheady two and one each from Jack Naughton Adam Mills and Nathan Lynch. Fionn McLoughlin completed his hat-trick with two further goals late in the half to secure a comfortable win in the end. Crossmolina Team and Scorers Patrick O’Malley Richie Shelly Ronan Connor Aaron Coggins Matthew Gordetskyy Nathan Lynch 0 – 1   James Maheady 1 –3 James O’Boyle  Aaron Garrett Jack Naughton   0 – 5 Kyle Gallagher  Adam Mills 1 – 2  Billy Loftus  Subs Jack Sharkey  for Richie Shelly Shane Lynn Kyle Gallagher Kyle Gallagher for Jack Naughton 


Sun, 24 Jul, 

(Round: Round 9), Belmullet 0-0 Crossmolina Deel Rovers 0-1

Homeland U15 Division 1 League 2022

Tue, 19 Jul, 

(Round: Round 7), Crossmolina Deel Rovers 0-1 Belmullet 0-0

Homeland U15 Second Teams League 2 2022

Sun, 24 Jul, 

(Round: Round 4), Knockmore 7-12 Crossmolina Deel Rovers 1-10

Mayo GAA SFL Division 2A

Sun, 17 Jul, 

(Round: Round 5), Kilmaine GAA 4-20 Crossmolina Deel Rovers 0-9

U19 Division 1 Group A

Tue, 12 Jul, 

(Round: Round 1), Crossmolina Deel Rovers 4-14 Ballina Stephenites 5-4

Crossmolina recovered from a disastrous start conceding two goals in side five minuet’s from Louis Hackett and Brendan Collins  to cancel out those scores with a string of points from Diarmaid Walsh six and one each from Michael Gill and Luke Rowland to level the score at the break 2 – 2 to 0 – 8 Crossmolina repeated what the Stephenites did in the first minutes after the break with two goals from Niall Coggins and Diarmaid Walsh  Daniel Winters pulled a goal back but further points from  Niall Maughan Diarmuid Coggins Dairmaid Walsh Luke Rowland kept the Deel-Siders well in command before Matthew McHale scored twice from the penalty spot in between Eoin Murphy raised a green to secure a well deserved win for the hosts in this opening Round of the U19 Championship. To- night Tuesday Crossmolina are away to Knockmore in round two. 

Crossmolina Team and scorers Conor Reynolds Declan Tolan Niall Maughan Eoin O’Boyle Michael Gill 0 – 1 Liam Connor Matthew Gordetskyy Dara Syron Luke Rowland 0 – 2 Diarmuid Coggins 1 – 2 Danny McDonald Niall Coggins 1 – 0 Diarmaid Walsh 1 – 7 Eoin Murphy 1 – 0 Conal Carolan Subs James Maheady for Conal Carolan Jack Naughton for Danny McDonald Jack Loftus for Matthew Gordetskyy Diarmaid Fox for Declan Tolan 

Homeland U17 Division 3 League 2022

Wed, 13 Jul, 

(Round: Round 6), Crossmolina Deel Rovers 3-13 Mayo Gaels 3-10

Sun, 17 Jul, 

(Round: Round 8), Crossmolina Deel Rovers 2-12 Davitts 5-11

Homeland U15 Division 1 League 2022

Tue, 12 Jul, 

(Round: Round 6), Claremorris 2-9 Crossmolina Deel Rovers 8-15

Homeland U13 Division 2 Knockout 2022

Thu, 14 Jul, 

(Round: Semi Final 2), Parke/Keelogues/Crimlin 1-16 Crossmolina Deel Rovers 4-5

Crossmolina crashed out of the Mayo U13 county League simi-final in Parke on Thursday last against the hosts with a late goal from Eoghan Kenny in injury time. Crossmolina lead at the first quarter by 2 – 1 to 0 – 4 with goals from Aaron Donnellan and Farnan Munnelly. Parke/ K/C came back with six points from Gary Bulger two and one each from Fiachra Donaldson Eoghan Kenny Dylan Moran and Ronan Quinn.  Eanna O’Boyle tied the score with a goal after a great team goal involving a number of players Crossmolina struck a purple patch in the third quarter scoring 1 – 3 points from Eanna O’Boyle Dylan Lavelle Peadar Fergus and a goal from Conor Howley. Luke Hurst Dylan Moran and John Mulroy reduced the lead to three with points each. Parke/K/C had the better of the final quarter Gary Bulger pointed  and Eoghan Kenny tacked on two to tie the score  Peadar Fergus gave his side the lead from a free as the clock ticked down before Kenny’s late winner. After a well contested game of fast flowing football 

Crossmolina Team Dylan Keane Gavin Lavelle Eanna O’Boyle 1 – 1  Joseph Howley  Conor Howley  1 – 1 Evan Molloy James Gardiner Peadar Fergus 0 – 2 Luke Loftus   Tom Burke  Alex Kenny Aaron Donnellan  1  - 1  Cian Walsh  Dylan Lavelle 0 – 1 Farnan Munnelly 1 – 0 Sub Jack Leonard for Cian Walsh 

Homeland U17 Division 3 League 2022

Sun, 10 Jul, 

(Round: Round 7), Naomh Padraig 3-17 Crossmolina Deel Rovers 2-12

Homeland U15 Division 1 League 2022

Tue, 05 Jul, 

(Round: Round 5), Crossmolina Deel Rovers 7-19 Ballinrobe 0-9



Mayo GAA SFL Division 2A

Fri, 01 Jul, 

Ardnaree Sarsfields 2-13 Crossmolina Deel Rovers 1-9


Mayo GAA SFL Division 4B

Sun, 03 Jul, 

Balla W/O Crossmolina Deel Rovers  - 

Homeland U15 Division 1 League 2022

Tue, 28 Jun, 

Castlebar Mitchels Football 3-7 Crossmolina Deel Rovers 5-16

Homeland U13 Division 2 League 2022

Thu, 30 Jun, 

Charlestown Sarsfields 2-4 Crossmolina Deel Rovers 1-7

Homeland U15 Second Teams League 2 2022

Fri, 01 Jul, 

Ballina Stephenites 2-8 Crossmolina Deel Rovers 3-14

Crossmolina overcame a game Ballina side in this county U15 B league tie in Tiernans park last week Crossmolina lead at the break by a point 2 – 6 to 2 -5 thanks to goals from Christian Sweeney and Luke Maloney. The hosts scored a string of points after the break from Luke Williams Paul Granaghan Luke Maloney Esmond Maughan Aaron Keane Tom Gough and in between Liam Clancy raised a green flag to secure a comfortable win in the end. With the visitors getting just three points in the second half. 

Crossmolina team and scorers were ;

Gorgie Gordetskyy Gary Naughton Patrick Mulligan Dara Floyd Peadar Fergus Christian Sweeney 1 – 0 Luke Maloney 1 – 1 Paul Granaghan 0 – 2 Esmond Maughan 0 – 2 Luke Williams 0 – 1 Liam Clancy 1 – 4 Tom Gough 0 – 3 Brendan Donnelly Aaron Keane 0 – 1 Simon McHale 

Sub Conor Howley


Mayo GAA SFL Division 2A

Sun, 12 Jun, 

(Round: Round 2), Balla 1-10 Crossmolina Deel Rovers 1-8

@DeelRoversGAA team selection: 

 GK: JP Mulhern,

 RFB: Ferghal Duffy,  FB: Kevin Mulhern,  LFB: Eoin OBoyle

 RHB: Patrick McAndrew ,  CB: Brian Hourihane,  LHB: Barry Murphy  

 MF: Lorcan Loftus  ,  MF: Darragh Syron

 RHF: Mikie Loftus (1-00),  CF: Fionan Duffy (0-04),  LHF: Conor Rowland  

 RFF: Diarmaid Walsh  ,  FF: Nigel Caden (0-01),  LFF: Cathal Carolan (0-03)


Summary:  4 substitutions made

08:50mins 1st half @DeelRoversGAA--> off: Lorcan Loftus  on: Colm Hegarty 

12:08mins 2nd half @DeelRoversGAA--> off: Conor Rowland  on: Killian Fergus

16:07mins 2nd half @DeelRoversGAA--> off: Barry Murphy  on: Derek Hegarty

23:45mins 2nd half @DeelRoversGAA--> off: Diarmaid Walsh  on: Luke Rowland

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